Friday, October 21, 2011

Agree or Disagree?

Now that you have answered agree or disagree to all of the following prompts, you need to take two and develop your ideas into much greater detail. Understand, the only wrong answer is an unsupported answer. Be to the point, be logical, and use examples to state your case. Your word count for each response should be no less that 200 words.
1) Authority figures are right no matter what my opinions may be.

2) Kids always do the right thing if they have the choice.

3) Parents should always side with their children.

4) Adults always listen to each other and have all the facts before they act.

5) Grades shouldn’t factor into a student’s eligibility for extracurricular

6) A person should tell the truth even if the truth will hurt others.

7) There are situations in which unfairness toward an individual is justified.

You will also need to comment on the posts of two other individuals. One you agree with and the other, someone you disagree with