Sunday, September 4, 2011

How do we judge appearances?


  1. photo #2 (the young man in the suit)

    Judging by the photograph, this man is probably American. He is about 20-25 years, and he is studying in a prestige university of the 60's. His suit and his hairstyle show that he is not from a poor family. I don't think that he is drinking or smoking, because he looks healthy. I suppose that he is intellegent, athletic and studies well. This man is definitely interested in learning and possibly sport. He actually looks like a role model.

    (Sorry, I couldn't record my comment)

  2. photo #3

    Looking at the photograph you can tell that the male in the picture is neither living poor nor very rich.

    The house that the young male is living in that is middle class even high class in the 60s! It is clean in the neighborhood and in his front yard where the grass is neatly cut. In the background we can see two cars, which may look that the family or even just him can afford those cars! The neighbor's house is also looks the same by the appearance in the picture, but is neat, which makes the male living in a nice neighborhood.

    The clothes that he is wearing are not a leather jacket nor a blouse with a tie, but a polo shirt which can count more of a high class. He is holding on to a officer's cap i believe which makes him a soldier.In the sixties many who smoke, the male in the picture looks like he doesn’t smoke but I believe he does because the soldiers would have smoked at a time to keep themselves warm. He would probably be around 20 years old or older since this is a time when they start taking soldiers to the army.
    His hair is in a neat haircut, but greasy, which may confuse people by his appearance, since in the 60s the high class didn't have greasy hair since they washed it a lot.

    Oksana 8F

  3. picture #4 Oliver
    judging by the picture we see that these people are students in university and that they come from wealthy families and seem very principled. they all seem to know each other well and are friends. these people seem to enjoy sports and seem like they play them a lot. the people also seem like they work hard but not for a very long time.