Tuesday, August 30, 2011

4. Young people (specifically teenagers) everywhere all face the same issues growing up.


  1. 4.

    All teenagers in the world grow up in different countries and in different families (some wealthy and some not). Therefore I think that different teenagers in our world don’t face exactly the same issues. There might be some similar issues that some of the teenagers face. For example: problems at school or problems that have to do with the body. But, teenagers from different countries are facing different problems. For example: a teenager in Ukraine could be having problems at school or not having any friends. But a teenager somewhere in Africa does not have any food to eat, does not go to school and could be physically abused or threatened. This African teenager could have already lost his parents or family. These unfortunate events could happen to a Ukrainian teenager, but it is definitely not as often as in Africa. This is why I think that all teenagers in the world face different problems.

  2. Agree

    You can't say that all the teenagers face exactly the same issues, but most of them are alike. For example a child, who's growing up opens a huge world around himself. And he wants to try everything that surrounds him. Thats why there are so many problems, such as teen smoking, teen drinking and other similar problems.