Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1. It's easier to make friends with someone very much like yourself, than someone who is very different than you.

Agree or Disagree
State whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. Supply a brief justification to support your opinion. Remember, using examples, be them specific or hypothetical, is very useful in getting your point across.

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  1. Agree
    You and this person understand eachother and have many things in common. Pharaps you have the same interests and like to do the same things: sports, have same favorite subjects, like to watch movies. Since you and this person understand how does it feel like in different situations and understand eachother so well, you can help eachother. In my opinion if you have been in same situations you can solve personal problems and build your relationship.
    Since you and that person are aike you also can work excellent togather in group projects, at school for example. By working well togather you have positive impact on eachother and help eachother earn good grades, which will later on be important in life and help you get to a good collage. In conclusion if you have a friend which is similar to you, will not only build stronger relationship between you and this person, but also you will be more successful in life because of you two helping one another