Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goal!- Kuba

Your Name: Kuba
Title of Book: Goal!
Author: Robert Rigby
Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Date of Publication: 2006, 1st of April
Number of Pages: 265
Started (Date you Started to Read): 29 Nov 2011
Finished (Date You Finished Reading): 1 Dec 2011

Book Rating (1-10): 9

Book Review:

A young mexican called Santiago comes from a poor family that immigrates to Los Angeles. He adores playing football and wants to become a proffesional player. When Santiago plays a game for a local team, Americanitos, Glen Foy, a British scout, spots him and gives him a chance to play in the english Premiership for Newcastle.

Santiago tries his best to get to the team, but it is much tougher in England than in sunny Los Angeles. In addition to that he has sirious asthma issues, that no one except his family knows about. There is no doubt tha Santiago got skill, determination and flair, but does he have enough stanima to play for Newcastle United and make his dreams come true? Find out by reading the book.

The book "Goal!" is based on a movie and I liked both, but I think that the book is a little better. I recommend this book to anyone who likes playing or is interested in football.

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