Monday, December 5, 2011

The Hunger Games-Oksana:D

Your Name: Oksana
Title of Book: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Genre: Science Fiction
Date of Publication: September 2008
Number of Pages: 454
Started (Date you Started to Read): 21.11.11
Finished (Date You Finished Reading): 3.11.11

Book Review:

This book is about the time in the future where there is a show where there is only one survivor in the terrible battles.There are 12 districts involving, the district means like states in present time, but in the future it is going though the scale of the richest district- 1 to the poorest district-12. They choose a boy and a girl from each district from about hundreds of names and they can compete at the hunger games. The competitors can be the ages from 12-18. When Katniss’ sister Primrose was called to be one of the competitors at the hunger games, she and her sister came to the ceremony where they would choose the competitors. Unlucky Primrose got called, and Katniss Everdeen was very worried about her, so she volunteers o distribute her sister. Peeta Mellark was another participant from district 12. In the hunger games, there is only one survivor. Only one.

I see this novel is showing that in the future the people are becoming even more crueler and crueler, and they don’t really pay attention that children from ages 12-18
can die, they only care about winning. I see this connection with the world war II, when Hitler's army was killed at the end of the war, and he was sending out young children to war, so others would surrender even though they are children, but it was war, so the children died, and nobody cared, because it was the hard times, and these children weren’t that rich to not to go to war. But if they had to, they had to, same as the Hunger Games.

The writing is really good, detailed, The elements that i like about this book, is that something you predict about this book, doesn’t happen what you think it is. There are no elements I don’t like about this book, but except the fact that they are children dying and nobody cares, but it is fiction.

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