Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1s.Apu: Well that was nice, right Eka? Eka?
5s.Eka: exuse me ladies
7s.Eilu hits and kicks eka
16s.Lokue trips Eka
18s.Eka takes lokue
20s.Lokue:let me down, let med down, let me down!!!
22s.Bako and Eilu are fighting (Eilu wins)
35s.Lokue: I know you’re busy fighting and all Eilu, but do you mind getting me down from here
45s.Eilu kicks bucket at Eka and lukue falls. lokue then kicks bucket at Eka and Eka falls
Eily beats up Eka while Eka pleads for mercy
1.13m.Eka to parents: He broke my arm, my leg but I still have my pride

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