Friday, June 8, 2012

Script for Lil' Superstar- Oleksiy

Characters of this transcript:

(0:01)Balu: Brother, you don't worry about this stupid fight. I'll take care of this myself.
Nakan: Ok.
 (Gorillaz slaps Balu)
(0:14)Nakan: [runs and trips over Tiney’s leg]
You, little monster (what are you doing)? Tiney: Haha, I got you!
Gorillaz is fighting Balu, and smashes him to the ground.
 (0:37)Nakan takes Tiney up a tree.
Tiney: Help!
Nakan: You will never get us!
Gorillaz: We’ll see!
(0:44)Gorillaz throws bucket up the tree. Tiney falls.
 (0:59)Tiney and Gorillaz throw bucket again. Nakan falls.
Gorillaz and Tiney come up to him.
Nakan: Please! Don’t hit me! I’ll leave.
Tiney: Let’s teach him a lesson!
(1:11)Gorillaz and Tiney start beating Nakan.
 (1:19)Nakan lying on bed, with bandages, badly hurt.
Nakan to doctor: Look doctor! A broken arm, leg and two ribs.
Doctor: Well, I’ll see what I can do.

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