Friday, June 8, 2012


Claus- guy that gets beat up
Fernando- guy that beats everyone up
Eduardo- short guy (see the allusion)
Bob- guy that gets thrown at the table
Don- The guy that gets beat up, right before the tree scene

0.00 -Bob gets thrown at the table.
0.02 Claus- You destroyed my favorite suit! I just washed it.
0.07 -Fernando beats up Claus. Claus is tripped by Eduardo.
0.15 Eduardo- HAHAHAHAHAHA!
0.17 Claus- Hey shorty, what are you laughing at? I’m going to beat you up!
0.20 Eduardo- Let me go, let me go!
0.21 Claus- You are pathetic.
0.23 -Fernando beats up Don
0.34 Eduardo- Let me go, let me go!
0.37 Fernando- How about you let put him down before I do it myself.
0. 39 Claus- I wonder how you are going to do that. You are the worse fighter I ever saw!
0.44 -Fernando flicks the pot into Claus, Eduardo falls.
0.47 Eduardo- Hahaha! Thanks!
0.49 Fernando- No problem. So are you going to go down yourself or should I get you down also?
0.51 Claus- I’d rather stay here.
0.53 Fernando- OK. Hey Eduardo, want to try.
0. 54 Eduardo- Yeah!
0.55 Fernando- Just kick it high.
0.57 -Claus falls
1.02 Claus- No please! It’s enough! Don’t kick me!
1.09 Eduardo- Again, again!
1.10 -Fernando hits Claus again
1.15 Claus- He broke my nose, he broke my hand, he broke my leg. I’m not going to able to do anything now.

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