Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Superstar Fight Scene 2 - George

Characters in order of appearance:
Zyzyxy Klyvyr
Mario Batoletti (Afro)
Chisanona Flaxor (Glasses)
Eoue Aeoua
‘Little Frederico’
Sekra Istmen
Suhar Kolana

0:01 - (Zyzyxy is thrown onto a table that then collapses. Mario and Chisanona look towards the action.)
0:02 - (Chisanona ducks and Mario gets splashed with water from offscreen)
Mario: Come on Zyzyxy, you know I don’t like apple juice!
0:06 - Mario comes out of the crowd fists raised, looking at Eoue.
Eoue kicks Mario in the face with left foot, then in stomach with right, and as Mario tries to kick back, he does it again. Eoue slaps Mario with the inside of his right hand, then with the outside, then with left hand. He then does a sideways chop to the neck and finally smacks him away with his right hand.
0:14 - Little Frederico trips Mario up. Mario gets up and picks him up like a child. He then slugs him over his shoulder and walks offscreen.
0:22 - Eoue punches Sekra in the stomach, then slaps him, kicks him twice with his left foot and smacks him to the floor. He then stomps on him, pulls him up and punches him twice in the face.
0:37 - Mario is holding Frederico up in a tree.
Frederico: Help! Daddy, get me down from here!
Eoue: Let him down Mario!
Mario: Oh, what can I do? Big old Eoue might hurt me, oh no!
0:44 - Eoue flicks a pot into Mario, who drops Frederico.
Frederico: Hahaha, yeah!
Eoue: So, do you want to come down too?
Mario: Nah, I’m fine up here for now.
Eoue (to Frederico): You’re turn, ready?
Frederico: Yep!
Frederico kicks pot and Eoue helps it reach Mario by throwing it towards the tree.
0:59 - Mario falls to ground and rolls onto his back
Eoue puts foot up as if to stomp on Mario’s knee.
Mario: No, please stop!
Eoue stomps firstly on his knee, and then on his arm.
Frederico: Hit him again!
Eoue punches Mario twice in the face.
Mario wakes up in hospital with bandages all over. Chisanona and Suhar are also there
Points at arm and then leg while saying: ‘It hurts here, and here and everywhere.’

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